Tuesday, 31 March 2009

1 Apr -- Mustache March is Over!

Mustache March is finally over. Luckily for Anna (and for myself), I was in Thailand for 25 of the mustachey days, but these past 6 days have been long and full of strangely colored hairs growing on my upper lip. Enjoy the pics from the last day.

Really? Three weeks in Thailand and this is what you bring home?
Mommy, YOU are the one who married this guy.

Is it real or an illusion? Have your eyebrows migrated to your upper lip?

Dad, that is one saddest mustaches I have ever seen!


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

25 Mar -- Jane and Charlie

Here are some cute ones of the kids today. Jane inhaled our chocolate pudding dessert...she did not like her headband quite as much. Charlie's tough to get a smile out of these days. If we do manage to get one it's usually cheese'd up pretty good.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

22 Mar -- Weekend Activities

We're having a nice weekend so far. Yesterday we tried to go to Everland because the weather was just gorgeous, but apparently 3.5 million other people had a similar idea and we gave up after we were sent to a faraway parking lot that was already full. So we drove home and ended up playing at the playground instead.

Today we went to a friend's birthday party. Charlie had a blast and loved bowling. He also dug the ice cream cake they served. Tonight we're headed to a friend's house for dinner. It'll be nice to have adult conversations during mealtime.

Her feet were just too cute not to photograph

Charlie was playing "grocery shopping" and when I came out of his room after he walked his shopping cart out, I found that he'd unloaded it just like Mom and Dad do onto the counter

Everland trip

Our walk home from the bowling alley took a while because Charlie loves walking on the grassy hills next to the sidewalk

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

18 Mar -- Charlie's Drawing

This is a picture that Charlie drew of a car. I was pretty impressed with his art skills and I think you should be as well.

Also, I found this piece of furniture at the thrift shop dumpster and brought it home to fix up. It's nothing grand, but I thought it was pretty cool and since we have bought nothing like this from Korea, it'll be a nice thing to represent our time here (and store our off-season gloves and scarves...)

The circle in the center is a window, I believe. The two dashes next to the circle are eyes and the horizontal slash is a smile, if I translate correctly.

The water bottle is holding the hardware down until the glue is dry

Monday, 16 March 2009

16 Mar -- The "I Miss Dan" Post

Okay, I give. I miss my husband. I truly appreciate him when he's here, but it is officially confirmed when he goes away. He's helpful with the kids, the chores, the laughter and making me not take everything so serious (such as Charlie's decision to wear his underwear backwards, which leads to the plumber's crack seen below). We are all anxiously awaiting his return!!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

12 Mar -- Blue Hands and Sick Kids

So I looked down at my hand the other day and it was blue! They felt a little cold, but nothing unusual. My Dad has a similar problem with his hands, so while they were shocking to look at on myself, I've seen worse on his! I was concerned so I dragged the kids in our socks down to ask my friend, Lauren, what her diagnosis was. She immediately did the Mom 409 and spit on her finger and scrubbed my hand. I hadn't even thought of that! Jane and I were both wearing new jeans. So I trekked back up to my house and washed my hands revealing the scary, but more normal pasty white skin.

Both kids have had fevers for the last few days. Charlie's in his room crying currently because he can't sleep and he's coughing and gagging. We've got back to back doctor's appointments tomorrow for them. Ah, good times. Pray for a quiet night for us.

My blue hands

Charlie likes feeding Jane..."One for you, one for me" style

Jane loves pushing her baby stroller around
She gets into a lot these days. We're watching a friend's dog and I've got to be more careful about Arlo's food bowls. Whoops!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

7 Mar -- Charlie takes flight, the coat I didn't make and Jane explores the cabinets

It's a quiet weekend without Dan around. We're trying to spend a lot of time outside now, but the weather has remained pretty chilly and the playground seems to be the location for a vicious wind, but we refuse to be denied the fun of the swings. Even if it's just a few minutes, we try to get out every day for some fresh air. I think it's been why Charlie's actually gone back to napping during "Quiet Time" (Anna's doing a happy dance with that result!) Jane's cruising along furniture, but shows no signs of a tooth or walking independently any time soon.
"Uhh, I'm just gonna take your jet for a quick spin around the block"

Whatever you do, don't call me "Maverick"

I bought this Peekaru baby vest before I'd made my own. I really like it, but I love my own creation

My babies!
Jane's begun to explore the cabinets and critique Anna's kitchen organization

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

3 Mar -- Lookie What I Made!

So I love my new carrier, especially to carry Jane on my back. But when we go outside it's been freezing and I've had to put her in the stroller with a cover or carry her in front with one of Dan's jackets zipped up over us. So I found this on the web and decided to give it a try. Ask my Mom and she'll agree that I'm a very impatient seamstress. I don't like patterns or measuring or doing anything by the book. I tend to take shortcuts that sometimes lead to disasters. This time it actually worked, though, and I'm in love with my new baby/mama jacket. All for a $10 cost of a thrift shop coat and some leftover fleece. Here's to a few more blustery days at the park!