Saturday, 21 January 2017

21 Jan -- More Armor Time

Dan took the three boys to the bombing range today to look at the targets before they get put on the range.

 Lots of cool vehicles.

 Poor F-4.

 Big big truck.

 Anybody seen an Armored Personnel Carrier around here?

 Henry is in the cab.

 The kids thought this one looked like an ice cream truck.

Let's roll!

 Nice photobomb by Charlie.

 The kids take up defense.

This isn't us in it...but this is what it was like.


After the range we went to a local grove and had orange flavored ice cream.

20 Jan -- Fox Impressions

George loves doing this "fox hunting in snow for prey" impression.

Henry's take is a little different.

19 Jan -- Armor Time

One of the benefits of working on an Air Force Range...

 ...having fully functional Armored Personnel Carriers available.

I'm channeling Michael Dukakis here.

16 Jan -- Circle B Bar Reserve

Another great time at Circle B Bar Reserve.

Dan saw this video before we went...he 'forgot' to share it with Anna.

 An armadillo.

 At the start of our 3.9 mile adventure...

 ...then Jane spotted a snake in a tree.

 There were about 20-30 baby alligators in one spot.  They were about 12-18 inches long.

 More baby alligators in a different spot.

 A bunch of turtles on a log.

 A bunch of kids in a tree.

15 Jan -- Nerf Gun Wars

Charlie and Henry set up an assault on one of our neighbors girls.

 They came out with squirt guns.

 Time for dinner...not a retreat.

14 Jan -- Legoland and then Pool Time

Dan took the kids to Legoland.

 From left to right -- Jane, Henry, George, and Daddy.

 George is a little wild but Henry is able to hang on.

 We are allowed to bring in our own awesome!

 Time to cool off by the pool.