Monday, 14 November 2016

13 Nov -- Lakeland Highlands Scrub, Florida

Time to go back home.

 The kids were singing "London Bridge is falling down..." as we went over a very long bridge.  This is Anna grinning thru it.

 The kids thought it was funny.


 Henry by the end of the short walk had a slingshot in his hand and a gun in his pants.  Nothing new here.

 Jane found a golf club.


12 Nov -- Indian Shores Beach, Florida

Off to the beach!

 Thai food for least for Anna and I...yum!

 Ice cream place within walking distance.

12 Nov -- Clearwater Marine Aquarium

We had a great time at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium...we got to see Winter, the dolphin from "Dolphin Tale." 

Winter's tank.

 The stingray tank.

 It's Winter!!  And the kids went nuts!

 Watch out--you're in the splash zone!

12 Nov -- Indian Shores Nature Preserve Boardwalk

We had a nice walk at the Indian Shores Nature Preserve Boardwalk.

Another beautiful day to be outside!

 The playground along the boardwalk was great for Anna and the kids.

 Jane on the move!

Luckily we only saw the jelly fish in the waterway and not the ocean!