Monday, 25 February 2013

24 Feb -- Anna's Birthday!

 Happy Birthday Anna!
 Charlie was our photographer at first.

24 Feb -- Crossing the Stream!

It was a bit (Tucson) chilly, but we braved the cool breeze and set out looking for water.

 Henry couldn't pass up some important looking sticks.

 There ought to be a stream here somewhere!

 Charlie at least found some cool bones.

 Ahhh...the stream!

 The stream appeared to be a lot lower than a previous visit, but it was still deep in a couple spots.

 Ohhhhh Henry.

 We finally made it to the other side of the stream.

All in a hard day's work!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

23 Feb -- Seattle Sounders FC vs Real Salt Lake, Tucson AZ

I took Charlie to a MLS friendly in Tucson.  It was a tournament called the Desert Diamond Cup.  The Seattle Sounders FC defeated Real Salt Lake 1-0 in the championship match.

 There were over 4,500 people there, but still enough room to check out lots of different views.

 The Red Bull Air Force delivered the official game ball.  Since it is Red Bull, they didn't just sky dive in...they did a flip just over the crowd just before landing.  What a way to start the game!


Almost a fist bump from Eddie Johnson, who also plays on the US Men's National Team.

 Charlie desperately tried to get a fist bump from one of the players.

 Finally!  Yordany Alvarez from the Real Salt Lake team hooked him up.

 He even posed for a quick pic.

 There was lots to tell Anna.

On the walk back to the car, Charlie said, "I'm going to take my jacket off so you can take a picture of me in my jersey."

Friday, 22 February 2013

22 Feb -- Hiking by the Stream

Today we went for a hike off of East Camino Cartamo Road.  It is northeast Tucson.  It was really just another place to access the stream so we could have a nice snack and throw some rocks.

 It was also only a 5 minute walk to the stream versus 15.

 We looked for a way to cross the steam and spent a considerable amount of time piling rocks across the luck!

We took a different way back to the car.

21 Feb -- Hiking off of Redington Pass

We drove up Redington Pass again today and walked down to the river below.  This time we parked and hiked about a mile further up the pass than before.

 Blah, blah, blah...

 The hike down to the stream took about 15 minutes.

 The kids were starving so we had a nice snack.

 Not a bad place to have a snack.

 Quite the wind-up.  The kids spent at least 15 minutes just throwing rocks in the stream.