Saturday, 17 October 2009

13 Oct -- London, England, with Nate

Here are our pics from London. We will post pics from Stonehenge, Bath, and Dover in a day or so.

Charlie crammed while on the bus.
Charlie cannot believe the traffic.

First stop: Trafalgar Square.

Quick: nobody look at the camera!

Now time for Duck, Duck, Goose.

Jane is still learning the rules.

Good times.

Mom! I can see our house from up here!

Charlie was not impressed with Big Ben.

Anna smiling for Ben.

Jane loved feeding and talking to the birds.

Looking at Buckingham Palace from St James Park.

Yes! Ice cream!

Charlie dashing for the camera.

Charlie tells our driver to do another lap; we were not ready to leave yet.

More Buckingham Palace.

In front of the Tower Bridge.

Jane spots another ice cream stand.

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