Sunday, 25 March 2012

24 Mar -- Bike Park at Echternach Lake, Luxembourg

I took Charlie to the Bike Park and had a blast.  Thank goodness for another beautiful day!

I love the "hee-yeah" sounds he makes when he goes over the bumps.

22 Mar -- Edingburgh, Scotland (Last Day)

Our last day in Edinburgh--bummer!

 This is the bed and breakfast we stayed at--the Craigmoss Bed and Breakfast.  Super place!

 On top of Calton Hill.  The "Parthenon" looking monument on the far left was build in 1822 to honor the dead Scottish soldiers from previous wars.  Unfortunately, they ran out of money during construction and were only able to make 12 pillars.

 Hey Dan, do you want to climb "Arthur's Seat" again?

 Built in memory of the Americans of Scottish ancestry who died during the Civil War.
 Another "quick turn" photo.

 Finally, a bag pipe-street musician.

We spent most of the afternoon lying in the park.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

21 Mar -- Edinburgh, Scotland Day 2

Day 2 in Edinburgh!

After a great Scottish breakfast, we headed out.

First stop: Costa's for a drink.

Edinburgh Castle is HUGE!

 Later in the day, we walked all the way over to the hills in the background.  It is called "Arthur's Seat" and hiked always to the top.  Such a busy day.

 Love kid's school outfits.  I wish this was in American least through middle school.

It was a bit windy on the western face of the castle.

 The Great Hall.

Watch out!

 Hunter boots haunted Anna everywhere we went.  Some were even "on sale."

This is where we ate.  The "Pie Maker" was a Rick Steves suggestion.  He is a great source!

The National Museum of Scotland.

 Our accent to the Arthur's Seat.  This is Dan's new trend.  Forget jumping or planking photos.  Those are now lame.  Embrace "the turn."

Anna almost bit it big time here.


 I think we walked at least 4 miles this day...and the grass could not have been any softer.

Edinburgh is M.C. Escher's dream!  You could be walking down the street above not knowing you are really walking down a street 3 stories above the ground until you reach the end of the building and look to the side and see you are now on a bridge.  Crazy!

20 Mar -- Edinburgh Without Kids!

Thanks to Anna's parents, Anna and I spent 3 child-free days in Edinburgh, Scotland, and enjoyed every second!

 St. Giles Church.

 Sir Walter Scott Memorial in the background.

 Edinburgh Castle in the background.

 This one confused us for a bit.  On a map, this is described as the "Scottish-American War Memorial." When did we fight Scotland?  Upon further investigation, its full title is the "Scottish-American War Memorial Committee."  It was made to remember the Scottish people lost in World War I by the Scottish people living in America.  Much better.

 The green space in Edinburgh is fantastic.