Thursday, 24 April 2008

24 Apr -- Home at Last; Charlie meets Jane

Greetings everybody. Due to high demand, here are a bunch of pics of us bringing Jane home to meet Charlie. Everybody is doing great. My parents are here until April 27th, and Anna's mom will be out at the beginning of May. Thanks for all the nice emails.

The squadron commander's wife decorated our door before we got home. It looks great as you can see.
Charlie is unsure if we really want to keep Jane.
The Davis girls stopped by; Blaire and Brookie really wanted to play with Charlie some more.
My dad chillin with Jane in the revered Russelburg blue leather chair.
Jane looking so serious.
Charlie getting ready to properly welcome Jane with a kiss.

Charlie aggressively attacking an innocent glazed donut courtesy of the Davis'.
My parents at the 4/9 market in Songtan...oh the sights and smells.
Charlie enjoying a new toy.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

17 Apr -- It's a GIRL!

Hello all! It's a girl: Jane Elizabeth Edgar. Born April 17th at 1:35pm. 8lbs 10oz, 21 inches long.

Everybody is doing great and we will post more pics later!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

12 Apr -- This Weekend

We bought a new camera yesterday and Dan has been trying it out all day! Our old camera had to be dropped on a hard surface to open the lens and the batteries ran out frequently. So rather than risk the chance of going to take that momentous first photo of the birth and finding our camera lacking, we decided to invest in something a little more reliable.

We've been spending the weekend hanging pictures and curtains. This morning we had some friends over for the first Yankees-Red Sox match up. Breakfast burritos and donuts with friends are a great way to start the morning! These are pictures of from today. I got my haircut (so I look cleaned up for the birth) As you can see Charlie had some highs and some lows! For dinner we enjoyed some steamed crab legs. Charlie was definitely lovin' the crab legs!

We're doing well and just getting ready for the big day this week. We'll head up to Seoul on Wednesday to do some last minute paperwork and blood tests. Then Thursday morning we'll head over to the hospital for an afternoon C-section. Our doctor has been really great and we feel good about everything. So sometime our Thursday afternoon (America's Thursday early AM) we will find out if Charlie is a big brother to a little sister or a little brother.

Right before this healthy yogurt, Anna consumed 2 donuts!

A stop at the commissary for crab legs, but Charlie and Daddy waited outside

"I'm cute, give me the camera"

5 seconds later, "I WANT THAT CAMERA!!!!"

Another 5 seconds later, "Seriously, this face isn't getting me anywhere?"

Crab legs and french is good

Strollin' down the hall

Pickin' up some speed

Charlie in Action

Sunday, 6 April 2008

6 Apr -- New Apartment and General Update

So we moved into our new apartment on March 29th. Everything went really well and we are loving base living. Charlie has adapted well and you'd never know we ever lived anywhere else the way he plays and sleeps. Hopefully this bodes well for other new transitions such as, say, a baby arriving in less than 2 weeks?!

Our next OB appt is this Wednesday, Apr 9th. Hopefully we'll get the full low-down on what to expect and get some questions answered. Our c-section is scheduled for the 17th of April (although, we'll take this baby any time now :)) Everyone at the hospital up in Seoul has been super helpful and Anna got to tour the delivery and postpartum units at her last visit. It's very nice and we're lucky that we'll have such great care.

We placed all of our DVDs in albums and threw out all of the holders. Just look at all the space we save (Not a paid endorsement)!

Charlie playing at the playground on base. He has amazing form when it comes to slides.


38 Weeks

In the middle of a tantrum...Charlie, not Dan

Brushin' his chompers

Our living room in the new apartment

Our Kitchen...sigh...isn't it beautiful with all those cabinets?

Our Dining Room/Computer Desk