Monday, 3 September 2007

1 Sep Everland--First Trip

We made our first trip to Everland. It is not a copy of Disneyworld as there are very few similarities...anyway... It is about 45 minutes away and we bought a 2-year pass so this will not be the last post on Everland. They had a cool Aesop's Fable section where, thanks to Dad and his reading of these stories, I was able to closely translate the stories for Charlie and build upon his innate integrity and character.

Moral: second is still better than third so never give up...
...especially if you look like me.
This is from inside "Global Village," a boat ride around the world. The U.S. section had a Statue of Liberty and a football game. I think the Korea section was disproportionally large, but it is their ride.

Daddy got me a little too close to the water, but it felt great.

Charlie well into his normal nap time.

I miss my drums. I was playing to Fallen Angel by Poison. I love Korea.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

31 August Charlie's Faces

Here are the many faces of Charlie in one car ride.
"Dad, there is no way you can compete for mom's love with me."
"Seriously, look at me I am not even trying."
"How you doin'?"
"You told me there would be a snack during thie drive."

"Did I see some Goldfish?"

"Who loves ya baby?"