Sunday, 9 December 2012

22 Nov -- Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  We were trying to remember where we have been for Thanksgivings over the past few years, which is a great mind teaser.

Here is a look at where we have been for Thanksgivings since we got married in June 2003.

2011 -- Leiden, Netherlands (where the Pilgrims lived in before coming to America).
2009 -- Garmisch, Germany
2006 -- Dan was deployed to Bagram, Anna went to Carlisle
2005 -- Fredrick, MD with Anna's family
2004 -- New Hampshire (we think!)
2003 -- We were in Tucson and Anna worked that day and we had Thanksgiving night at a friend's house.

Parade watchers.

For Henry, eating pistachios is a dangerous event.

Craft time.

Jane taunts the soon-to-be-eaten turkey with her craft work.

I do my best.

A friend steps into to finish the job.


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