Monday, 24 December 2012

23 Dec -- Walnut Canyon Nat'l Monument and Sedona, AZ

On our drive back to Tucson, we made two stops.  Stop #1 - Walnut Canyon National Monument.  Stop #2 - Sedona.

The Lodge on Route 66 was a great place to stay with free wi-fi and a nice breakfast.

 Stop #1 - Walnut Canyon National Monument.

 You could see ancient dwellings in the cliff from over 1000 years ago.

 Henry is very impressed with the history.

 Charlie and Jane (and Anna) hard at work on their Junior Ranger badges.

 The Junior Ranger Program is great.  I, plus adults passing by, get a kick out of the kids reciting the Junior Ranger pledge after the Park Ranger.

 The drive to Sedona from Flagstaff was pretty impressive, but not so impressive to Henry.

 The views all around Sedona are amazing...even if you don't pay the 50 cents for the binos.  These first set of photos were taken in Sedona at the lookout by the airport.

 Photo by Charlie.

 Photo by Charlie.

 The following photos were from our little hike by Cathedral Rock.

 Charlie literally exclaimed on this hike, "THIS IS PARADISE!"...

 ...but then quickly went into a yoga position to regain his composure.

 Yoga time.

 I love when we hold Henry in between Anna and I...he gets his arms around both of us.  It reminds me of my brother Mikey a lot!

 Henry shows this rock who's boss.

 After this incline, I told the kids they had earned their hiking badge.

 Henry walked up to this group and said, "What up dudes?"  No kidding.

Back to Tucson!

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