Wednesday, 26 December 2012

26 Dec -- Hike on Agua Caliente Hill, Tucson, AZ

Today we went for a nice hike along the Agua Caliente Hill here in Tucson.  We used the website to find out about the trail.  It has great info with maps, photos, and reviews for tons of hiking trails around Arizona.

 And they're off!

 Yeah...we hiked .8 miles in, then .8 miles back out.

 We played a few games along the way.  This one is called, "Where is mommy's car."

 Oh Jane...

 The kids ran along the trail pretty nicely.  I think next time we will have them wear their bike riding gloves because the ground scrapes unforgivingly when you fall.

 Henry has been slightly sick for a few days so here he is taking a breather.

 Henry wanted to be carried more than usual and used his cuddly charm to stay in our arms.

 The view was quite nice.

 Charlie whips out his yoga training again.

 We played versions of a quiet game.  For example, "Be quiet until you hear a bird."  Of course right away a bird chirps from across the valley.  "Be quite until you hear a dog bark."  Bam, a dog barks.  We then stood in silence for one minute and man was it peaceful until the kids starting laughing.

 This picture looks cool but lets just say the landing was a bit rough!

 Henry airborne.

 Henry losing it...luckily Dan caught him before his face went into the dirt.

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