Sunday, 23 December 2012

21 Dec -- Polar Express, Williams, AZ

On Friday night we board the Polar Express Train in Williams, AZ.  It was a fantastic trip!

 Henry was sad here because the ticket they got at breakfast had ripped.  I quickly gave him the receipt from the train tickets and he was at peace again.

 Jane borderline hysterical.  We can see her going berserk at a One Direction or Taylor Swift concert if given the chance.

 The hobo!

 Jane going nuts again.

 Henry was quite psyched to get his ticket punched by the conductor.

 Hot chocolate.

 We followed along with our books as the book was read on the train by the chefs or servers.

 When we got to the North Pole, we saw Santa in his village.  It was a pretty big deal.

 As we started our journey back to the train station, we went by the North Pole again...but Santa wasn't there...he was on the train somewhere!

 So we sang Christmas carols and waited for Santa to come to our train car.

 Henry tickling my ear.


 "Santa is here!"

"It's him!"
 Everybody got a bell.

 Henry kept saying, "Merry Christmas, Santa."

 Then the chef got Santa's attention and Henry was able to say "Merry Christmas, Santa" to him personally.  Pretty darn cute.

 Jane asks the hobo some interesting questions.

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