Tuesday, 25 December 2012

25 Dec -- Merry Christmas! Tucson, AZ

Merry Christmas!

 On Christmas Eve we got new pajamas and read Twas The Night Before Christmas.

 Santa paid us a visit.

 At 6:30 we heard the kids down the hall--they had seen the tree from the stairs...

 ...and they were quite excited to get a closer look.

 Henry jumps in!

 Anna took the kids to the Dollar Store so they could buy each other gifts.  It worked out really well.


 Jane found the perfect gift for Dan and was SUPER excited about it.

 She had said, "I think Daddy is really going to like this!"

 Yup--Centrum Silver Vitamins!

 Henry got a duck quacker from Charlie and sounds like there is a real duck in the house.

 Janey screamed SO LOUDLY when she opened her Disney doll set.

 Henry got a wooden block set and couldn't wait to get it open.

Janey with her new Razor and sweet unicorn helmet.


Katihi said...

Such fun...such great memories.
You can almost feel the excitement in teh pictures
Thanks for th post.


Mackenzie said...

I love Jane's gift to you Dan LOL. Happy Holidays and congratulations on the new baby :)