Saturday, 3 December 2011

24 Nov -- Delft and Leiden, Netherlands

On Thanksgiving we drove to Delft and Leiden. 

Oh, Jane.
 Ordering waffles

 Jane likes to talk...a lot...

 New Church, built in 1396.  Brand spankin' new!

 They were having a market.

 Where the Dutch royals are buried

 Another climb to the top of the tower for Dan and Charlie

 Anna, Jane and Henry stayed on the ground level and fed the birds.

 How many cars have been towed out of these canals, do you think?

 In Leiden, on Thanksgiving, we visited the pilgrim's museum where the pilgrims lived for 11 years before setting sail on the Mayflower

 It was a small museum and our family took up half the room.

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 Poor Dan and the camera's timer didn't blend so we had to ask the help of a nice gentleman.

 Walking around the Citadel in Leiden

 I quickly grabbed Henry cause he was starting to fuss and said, "You will NOT cry at this girl's wedding!"

Nothing like going to a Pilgrim Museum on Thanksgiving Day.!

For dinner we had Chinese food...but at least we went to the Pilgrim Museum!

Jane eating up the delicious dinner.

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