Sunday, 3 August 2008

3 Aug -- Anna's Party Dress/Dan in Thailand

I went to Thailand for 11 days for a conference and loved the food but hated wearing the Air Force blue uniform. It is not the most comfortable outfit for the heat and humidity--oh well.

Now how do I turn this thing on?

Ahhhh yeah.
Anybody know where a party's at? If you said "here," you would be right.

You with the camera: back away.

Charlie giving his first zerbert.

No post would be complete without a clip of Charlie at the dining room table.


Haley said...

Hi Dan and Anna Jane! I found your blog through the Dennis's! I must say, LOVE Charlie's outfit in the swing!:) The kids are really cute, and your captions are all so funny!!

I'm bummed I didn't get to see much of y'all while I was in Korea, but I'm sure you've been super busy! I hope you enjoyed Thailand, Dan, I know we sure did! We still wish we were there:)

Anyways, hope you're still enjoying Korea! Hopefully our paths will meet again sometime!

Haley Campbell

Tori said...

Oh my Anna Jane, Charlie's laugh is SO adorable..... and I LOVE the green dress! Too cute!