Wednesday, 13 August 2008

13 Aug -- Cloth Diapers and Jane

For those of you who don't know, Anna's been cloth diapering the kids (with a pampers thrown in from time to time). There's been a big trend towards cloth diapering over here and they've been having Cloth Diaper Parties (just a good excuse to get together and eat yummy food!) She's also recently become a bit obsessed with Babylegs (leg warmers for the trendy baby). I think she's dropped the temperature in the house just to have the excuse to put them on the kids whenever she gets the chance.

We celebrated Dan's 31st birthday this week with the traditional Edgar Ice Cream Cake (Thanks, Kathi!) and some so-so mahi-mahi. Anna's attempting to branch out with her fish cooking skills and there've been some real hits (tilapia) and some sorta misses (mahi-mahi)

We're starting to plan our trip to Hawaii in September and we're getting excited now that the hotels are booked and the plane tickets are purchased. Now if we could only get to paradise without having to spend 8 hours in a plane with two children, which is definitely not paradise!

Just have to show off my newly dyed cloth diapers

Makes me not mind the two in diapers quite so much when I have such happy colors to look at ;P

I actually folded and pinned this prefold/burp cloth just to see if I could...I quickly went back to my fabulous snaps!

Jane has really embraced the Korean fashion with her no-fear multi-pattern outfits

Jane loves her gym-time


Jane's Photo Shoot...and Charlie's head

Like I said, she's not afraid of color

Mama, I'm over this...

For those who said they never get to see Jane's whole body!

The "baby leg warmers" in the video were made of out Anna's old socks and should not be judged due to inexperience and laziness on the seamstresses part