Thursday, 28 August 2008

28 Aug -- Stroller, Anyone?

So I bought a stroller the other day at the thrift shop. I needed something for our trip to Hawaii and it seemed like it would work perfectly. Then I started to count how many strollers we own and I realized that I now am the proud owner of 8 (yes, this is not a typo) strollers. They each serve their purpose and we've only bought one of them new, but nevertheless 8 strollers is probably a bit much. I took photos of them, though, to document the insanity before we pare down our "fleet".
The handy dandy single umbrella stroller, useful for air travel and not much else ($10)

The Snap n' Go, useful for the first week or two of the newborn baby's life (Hand-me-down = Free)

The favorite single, a Maclaren umbrella stroller that we love, love, love (Baby Gift = Free)

The jogging stroller, for all the jogging I do... (Church Whale of a Sale = $5)

The Sit n' Stroll, the handiest stroller/carseat option (Thrift Shop = $15)

The Graco Quattro Duo Tandem. The one I use for every day walking around base. It's big, but I love it! I call it the Expedition of double strollers (Purchased New = $220)

The Chicco double umbrella. Handy for outdoor activities and transportation in a car trunk (Thrift Shop = $35)

And the newest to the fleet, the Sit n' Stand. It's smaller than a double, but still lets me carry Charlie and Jane around without the bulk. (Thrift Shop = $20)

Total Cost = $305 for all of our strollers

So you see, I have a great use for each one, but sadly I will probably need to size down my fleet so I don't get the crazy stares when I tell people the number of strollers that we own for our 2 children.

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