Sunday, 31 August 2008

31 Aug -- The Fire Truck, the Playground, and the Pool

Last week, the Fire Department stopped by the playgroup where Anna takes Charlie and Jane once or twice a week. They brought a fire truck and Charlie loved it!
We are enjoying the long weekend. We have spent our time walking around base, going to the park, and swimming at the pool. We plan to go to Everland tomorrow if the weather continues to be so nice.

Jane is ready for the "Brady Bunch" potato sack race.

Yes, Charlie always pulls his hat down this low.

Can I drive?

Charlie loves his new "Cars" shoes--the only problem is he wants to run down the center of the street.

Jane is trying to blend with the locals and their flare for mixing colors and patterns.

No, I will not be your bodyguard.

The head band makes this work.

Ladies and gentlemen: the next Michael Phelps.

Hmmm...this water is delicious!

Charlie loves hanging from the monkey bars--especially since it keeps food on his plate.

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