Sunday, 24 August 2008

24 Aug -- The Indoor Pool

Today we went to the indoor pool on base. At first, Charlie was less than thrilled and sat in the stroller watching skeptically as we tried to make the baby pool look like the best place on earth (besides Dunkin Donuts).
Charlie playing with the cast of "Cars."

Charlie showing off his chopstick skills.

Jane kickin' back in the leather chair.

Do you notice anything missing from Charlie's room?

His crib! Charlie looks so small in his big boy bed.

Charlie was unsure of the baby pool--he prefers the lap pool.

Jane's hair matches Anna's suit.

As you can see, it was a crowded day at the pool.

Charlie is standing on his tip-toes.

Smooches for Jane.
Charlie suckin in his stomach for the ladies.

Jane is not sucking in for the ladies.

Charlie mocks Jane for her lack of teeth.


Greg and Shara said...

Cute pictures!! Jane and Charlie are just too adorable :)

Lauren said...

I like that, "Haha Jane, you're so funny. Now watch me eat a cracker. You know, one you can't have."