Sunday, 17 July 2011

Jul 13 -- Pflegersee and Werdenfels Ruins

We woke up to rain today.  I was trying to decide what to do with the day and Henry decided to take a short morning nap.  By the time he woke up, the rain had stopped even though the clouds still hung around, we ventured out to the Pflegersee.  It was not as nice as the other two because there was not a path around the lake itself.  There were many very nice wandering paths that went into the mountains from that area, though, so we ventured down a path and found a nice flat spot for a picnic lunch.  Then we headed further down the mountain and parked before hiking a rather long trek to the Werdenfels ruins.  

These little frogs were everywhere along the paths.  It looked like the ground was popping up.

Nature called

We go thata way!

Is that a raindrop I felt or did a bird drop me a present?

Charlie picked up this beauty close to the ruins.  He carried it all the way there and then the entire hike back to the car.  He was struggling by the end.

I think she was being a butterfly

I tried to convince the kids that fairies lived under this toadstool, but they weren't as impressed.

After lugging the stick such a long way I couldn't let him abandon it on the side of the road, so it came home with us as a souvenier.

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