Saturday, 16 July 2011

9 Jul & 10 Jul -- Travel Day and Eibsee; Garmisch Day 1

So I made my first long trip solo with the kiddos.  It was long and I learned just how much I rely on Dan for help, but overall it was fantastic.  We started out with a 8 hour drive down to Grainau (the town just next to Garmisch).  We made about a 2 hour stop for a lunch and play at a playground, but overall pretty smooth trip considering all things.

Our little Mazda5 was fu-uh-ull!

I love these mountains!!!

Unloading the car, with Henry on my back was sweaty work.  I almost fell over when I realized where our rooms were.  They were on the 3rd floor and the elevator stopped at the second floor.  Then I had to go up 15 steps and down about 7 more and to the end of the hall.  Hauling up all of our stuff in an elevator the size of a postage stamp while wearing Henry was just exhausting.  Oh, how I missed Dan at this precise moment :)

Our first day we headed to the Eibsee for a "short" walk around.  I didn't realize that it was 4.5 mile walk with hills.  First Jane was lost with the bike and then eventually after a hard fight, Charlie lost the battle with the bike.  But the views were gorgeous and the weather was perfect and overall the kids rocked an exceptionally long hike.

She looks so hopeful and full of spirit

She looks so hopeful and full of spirit...

Stopping for an energy break.  Henry really was starting to feel weak after all his walking.

The water was perfect and too tempting for all of them

Charlie and Jane did some wading.  Henry did some lunging.

Henry and Jane attempted to break the world record for the longest note sung.  Other walkers were amused.

All that singing wore Henry out and he rested in Jane's lap for a bit.

Charlie starts to falter in his resolve

Jane and Henry give up

How could anyone sleep through these views?!

Photo by Charlie (my stroller without brakes made me very nervous!)

The last mile I had the bike trailer loaded up with Jane and Henry and Jane and Charlie's bicycles.  

Needless to say we all went home worn out!

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