Sunday, 17 July 2011

11 Jul -- Badersee, Wankbahn and Playground; Garmisch Day 2

We started our day at the Badersee.  It's much smaller than the Eibsee and an easier walk for the kids.  The kids got to feed the fish.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

Scouting the grounds

Very cool mist coming off the lake

They liked hiding up the little hills along the path

Waiting to ride on the Wankbahn.  Charlie wanted to ride a cable car more than anything else on this trip.  He loved it!

Can you see the joy?!

Proof that I did ride on a cable car...and actually smiled through most of it.

We had a picnic at the top.  I strapped Henry to the bench post with my baby carrier to avoid tumbling babies down the mountain.

The clouds rolled in shortly after getting to the top.  It was chilly and I'd forgotten the jackets so we headed back down after the lunch.

Jane's "clicking" a pic and so was Charlie


Henry had reservations about the cable car ride as well.

Or maybe he just wanted out of the carrier.

A stop at the park topped off the day.

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