Sunday, 24 July 2011

23 Jul -- Eifel Park

Charlie and Dylan are in a fierce race

Jane's about to get lapped

Charlie shows no mercy for the photographer, better move!

Jane shows her game face...and it's a doozy

Henry and Garrett cheer from the sidelines

The lincoln log ride

Jane and Emma wave to the boys and Melissa

As we were getting our lunch ready I was digging through my bag when I heard Melissa call out.  I looked up to see this friendly face eyeing up my pommes frites (not Henry's friendly face, the other one in the pic).

Don't even think about it!

Nothing for you here, buddy.

The mushroom ride.  Jane tried to convince me that she's five and old enough to ride.  Don't think the ride operator was gonna buy that, though.

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Karlotta said...

I love this Eifelpark. To bad that I moved away from Bitburg. Your pics make me feel home again. Thanks!

Did you see the "Luchsbabys" which I spotted at
So cute.