Sunday, 17 July 2011

12 Jul --Munich Zoo; Garmisch Day 3

 The weather could not have been more beautiful for us when we drove up to the Munich Zoo.

Jane fell in love with this elephant at the Munich Zoo.  I think she would have liked to take it home with us.  

A little loungin'

This wobbly bridge was a hit.  

Jane's favorite animal of the day.  She walked like a penguin any time we mentioned it.  We saw them waddling at first and then later we passed by and they had filled the tank so we got to watch them swim.  

A little oriental cuisine for lunch...and pommes frites!  I loved discovering the baby carrier seat thought.  Henry was much better contained after I started doing this.

Umm, yeah, ice cream was a large part of our diet for the week.

Piggies gettin' some sun (I promise we used sunblock, Dan!)

Charlie figured out how to turn the bike trailer into a 3 kid stroller

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