Saturday, 9 October 2010

22 Sep -- Culsh Earth House and Braemer, Scotland

We spent the day more or less locally.

 First stop: Culsh Earth House.

 Crazy dark hole in the ground.

 It was hard to find because the entrance was facing away from the road so when we pulled over at the sign, there wasn't anything to see but some grass.

 Next stop: the town of Braemer.  Who would have thought feeding ducks would be so much fun? 

 I had put the graham crackers in my mouth...and spit it out I chewed.  The ducks loved it!

 Charlie taunts the ducks a bit.

 Anna did some shopping in town so I took Charlie and Jane to a playground.

Even Jane went on the zip line!

Charlie shows off his good form.

Fish and chips?  I'd love some!

I could not contain my excitement over how good they tasted!

Never too young to start...or at least fake.

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