Saturday, 16 October 2010

24 Sep -- Castle Campbell, Blackness and Linlithgow Castle, Cairnpapple Scotland

We checked out of the lodge and headed south through the highlands.

 First stop: Castle Campbell.

Great view from the top.

Would you look at that sun!

 Time for scones!

 Henry was trying so hard to get to Jane's scone.

Amazing setting.

 Onto Blackness Castle. 

Blackness Castle is just west of Edinburgh.

It had a great dock.  The castle is often called "The ship that never sailed."

 They built the castle right on the shoreline and you can see the cool rocks inside that we climbed on.

 Subway!  Sooooooooooooooo excited!

Onto Linlithgow Castle.  There was a wedding and we were the paparazi.

The castle was could lose the kids really easily if you weren't paying close attention.

I cannot believe Anna went this high.

 Look!  No kids!

Jane is so camera shy.

Now for a family portrait.

So close...

Good enough.

Last stop for the day: Cairnpapple.  An old burial site.  There was a great view all around.

Charlie reading Henry a book.

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