Saturday, 2 October 2010

21 Sep -- Kildrummy, Huntly, and Tulquhon Castle plus Scottish Lighthouse Museum

Today we did a lap up to the northeast part of Scotland.

First...Kildrummy Castle.

 Here comes flower Charlie.

 Found you!

 Next stop...Huntly Castle.

Very tall.

 I tried to catch Charlie in the act.

 The Sottish Lighhouse Museum was pretty cool.

They had mirrors they use to reflect the light and they were very vivid.

Jane's ears did not get cold.

The view from the top was nice, but a little nerve racking.

Tulqohon Castle was real nice.  The grounds were well kept. 

 If only we had Gap clothing on...

 Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

 Dinner time!

 Charlie encouraging Henry.

Charlie's pic.

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Amanda Evans said...

I love the last picture! Dan looks like he needs to pass are looking at him in pure admiration, and Henry is like...DUDE, that flash is bright! :-) See you guys soon!