Saturday, 9 October 2010

23 Sep -- Corgarff Castle, Grampian Transportation Museum, Glenbuchat Castle, Tomnaverie Stone Circle, Scotland

Another busy day in Scotland...

First stop: Corgarff Castle.

 Henry approves.

As usual, a great view! 

 Next stop, Grampian Transportation Museum.

Lots of great cars and trucks and buses to climb on.

They even had this organ that played music--so cool.  It played a Beatles song and a couple other ones.

So hot!

Next stop, Glenbuchat Castle. 

The hat is sooooo warm. 

Last stop: Tomnaverie Stone Circle.  This one blew Charlie's mind.

We raced on the hill.

More games at the lodge.

 Anna preparing lunches for the next day's traveling.

 It really looks like Henry is waving at the camera!

Charlie and Janes room.

Henry's room.

Our bedroom.


Bettina said...

Hmm...I really need Dan's hat!! Great pics as always!

Amanda Evans said...

That was really a $369 AFVC find? WAY TO GO!!!

1- love Anna Jane's sexy boots.
2- Love Henry's wave at the table!

Miss you guys! No word on Germany yet. I'm in limbo with orders (should have been there last Sunday). I hope it doesn't get cancelled!!!