Friday, 4 June 2010

4 Jun - A Day in the Life

So I have an online group of friends who've all got kids the same age as Jane.  They're fantastic and we do a daily "Day in the Life".  Not just special days, but the run of the mill regular days, too.  I had mine today and I thought it'd be fun to share it here, too.

It was a good day.  Too much time in the car, but the kids were great. 

Funny story from today -
I had to drive home to get some paperwork I forgot and when I came into the house there was a bird flying around my living room. I tried to open the windows quickly, but poor thing ran smack into it and fell. It was still breathing, so I scooped it up in a tupperware and placed it outside in the shade. I was so sure when I got home that it would still be in there, dead. But it was gone!  It just needed a few minutes to gather its thoughts, I guess. 

They greet me at the top of the stairs every morning

Bananas, we love 'em!

We're whiney today and needs some "ups"

Henry my bed, *sigh*

  Waffles for everyone!

French Vanilla Half Decaf Iced Coffee, for Mama!

Potty Time

Second Breakfast for Jane apparently

Gym time for Henry

Jane disappears mysteriously and I find her in her bed, wet and poopy

A tractor arrives in our yard! The landlords have come to take out our pond in the backyard

Headed to the post office to mail Daddy a letter 

Photo By Charlie

Photo By Charlie, Jane up close and personal 

Burger King for being so good on our errands

Definitely a hit!

Where's the pond?!

Charlie's 30 minutes of computer time

Jane wandering in our dirt, "The pond's all gone!"


Chubby Cheeks

  Poor kids, draggin' them around

Too much driving today!

So they earned a trip to the Italian Eis (ice) shop

Just finished skyping with Dan

Ridin' in style

Photo By Charlie

"I'm stuck!"

No TV tonight tantrum

Leftover hotdogs for dinner. Jane ate 3 yesterday so we didn't have any extra tonight 

I started a bath for the big kids, ran up Henry's bath and went downstairs to get Henry. I walked up the stairs to see this. I had to get the camera for this.

Sassy girl

Henry loves bathtime

Jane loves it, too. Charlie, not so much.

He always gets chatty and "kicky" when he's cleaned up.

Picking a bedtime book

Night night

Ahhhh, my time. Young Victoria in the DVD player, Olive Oil and Pepper Triscuits and Cheddar Cheese with some German beer.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Amanda Evans said...

That was so cute! Is Dan deployed or something? Brian's 180th day was today. He'll fly back to NC in about a week, then meet us here in Hawaii for my last two weeks! FINALLY! It has been a long single parent stint. Ugh!