Monday, 28 June 2010

28 Jun -- Breaking the coffee habit

So I figured out how to break my pot of coffee a day habit.  I prepped my morning iced coffee as per usual, skim milk and splenda.  Then I headed upstairs to dust.  It's been getting warmer and along with the increase of flying insects and spiders, it's been getting dustier in our house. I grabbed my cup and took a sip and felt something crunch.  Now, if this was Dan's iced coffee, I'd have assumed it was the grainular white sugar that he pours in by the cupful.  But Splenda is not crunchy and my ice cubes are not that small.  I spit my mouth's contents into the dustrag and saw the black fly that had made it's way into my drink.  Blast these German windows and their lack of screens!!!

Needless to say, I have no desire to drink any more coffee today.  I'll get my caffeine kick in a different form.


Anna said...

What a coincidence! I used coffee to break my fly habit! The Dunkin Donuts kind.

Lauren said...