Sunday, 27 June 2010

27 Jun -- Who knew I was still working as a nurse?

Puke, poop, pee and spit-up were high on the list of things my children decided to share with me this weekend.  We attended a birthday party yesterday and I briefly overheard some moms discussing a "bug" that seemed to be going around.  Since my kiddos are younger than most of their children, I didn't pay too much attention.  That is until midnight last night.

I was woken up with the sound of Charlie crying for me.  As I headed grumpily up the stairs I realized that he had gone to the bathroom and he stated, "my tummy hurts" just before placing his hand on his mouth.  I whisked him to the bathroom where he proceeded to toss his cookies (and few other food items from the course of the day).  After finally saying he felt a little better I brought him back to his bed, gave him a warm rice bear for his tummy and some ginger ale and he went back to bed. 

I laid awake just waiting for Jane's turn, but was saved from having to deal with 2 vomiting children.  Charlie did wake a few more times with more trips to the bathroom involved, but Jane appeared to sleep through it all.  About the time it got quiet upstairs, Henry decided to having a coughing fit and spit up all over my own bedsheets and then wanted to stay awake and visit.  Charlie and Jane both spiked temps today and Henry's mild cold has turned into a nasty sounding cough that I'm just praying stays out of his lungs and ears.  I did break out my stethoscope, which was dusty from lack of use and took a listen.  So far, so good.

Needless to say, it's been a long, exhausting day and I'm ready for bed.  Fingers crossed for a more peaceful, quiet night tonight. 

You can almost see the fever in their faces as they stared glassy-eyed at the movie I stuck in while I tried to work my way through 4 loads of bedding laundry. 

The dress was mine (duh) when I was little.  I love it!

Jane, look a me...Jane, here!...Jane, *sigh*, *click*

Charlie, look at me...Charlie, yoo hoo!...


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Alli's Keeper said...

I watched the video you posted and followed your link to read about craniosynostosis. I hope you continue to keep us all who stay connected via blogs updated on Henry. I am thinking of you and little Henry is in our prayers. And here's to hoping that stomach bug goes fast and everyone starts to feel better soon!!