Saturday, 6 December 2008

7 Dec -- "P"-Free Home

So we are into Day 3 with no pacifiers for Charlie and it's going fairly well. Night one we suffered 52 "Back to Beds" in about an hour. Each night has gotten a little better. I never thought I'd have a child with a pacifier addiction past the age of 2, but when you're a parent all your ideas of being a parent go out the door. Sometimes you gotta go with what works for you. Now if we can just master this potty-training situation, I will be the happiest Mom on the block!


Emily said...

well, Suri Cruise is about 15 and she still drinks from a bottle, so Charlie is doing alright with the whole pacifier thing :)

Lauren said...

Oh, go ahead and rub it in you 'have it together mommy'. I still feel like I'll never even be able to shower again, less start parenting again.