Tuesday, 30 December 2008

31 Dec -- Playtime and Bathtime

No big plans for New Year's Eve, but we're looking forward to Penn State's game on our Friday morning and are hoping to gather enough Penn State fans to make it a good time
While it appears that they are sharing nicely, Charlie wasn't happy with Jane touching his tower of blocks

Our first successful joint bath

Daddy did Jane's hair

Jane looks sassy in her cheetah shirt!

Dan taught Charlie to stick his cold hands in his pockets

Charlie explores some great hide-and-seek spots

Jane loves her ball popper


Anna said...

You're so good at posting pictures. I love Jane's hair! Oh, and the cheetah shirt!

Alli's Keeper said...

Hurry and post I need my Edgar fix!!

Amanda Evans said...

You missed the part about Dec 31st, you know, after playtime and bedtime. The WAKE UP NOW AND EVACUATE time. Did you not get a picture? :-0