Wednesday, 10 December 2008

11 Dec -- What Are You Doing, Mommy?

This has become Charlie's favorite question and he asks it about 15,000,000,000,000 times a day. I've gotten into the habit of saying either "Nothing, Honey" or "I'm just hangin' out" because if I have to say "I'm feeding Jane" for the 15,000,000,000,000th time, I might just rip my hair out. Unfortunately, now "Nothing, Mommy" "Just hangin' out" have become his favorite answer when I ask him what he's doing. Usually it's related to something that he's doing that he is not supposed to be doing.

Jane has now started standing at her activity table, which is so exciting and scary at the same time. She's growing way too fast for my liking. I can't believe how much has happened in the last 8 months. Crawling is just around the corner for us!

Dan took the camera to Singapore with him, so I'll post some new pictures soon!

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