Sunday, 9 November 2008

9 Nov -- Jane's Baptism

We had a great time at Jane's baptism. A bunch of our friends came to the service to support us and Charlie behaved pretty well--probably because there was another 2 year old to keep him company. Chaplain Glover played a guitar and sang a song for Jane and it made the baptism even more special. Afterwards we went to the annex and ate some cake to celebrate. We have been truly blessed with our children, with our family and with our friends.

We also took advantage of the fabulous weather (highs in the mid-60's and sunny) and changing foliage and spent an afternoon at the park. It made for some great pictures of the kids (and a few of us, too!)

This has to be my favorite picture ever of Dan and Jane

This is why we go to the park.

Wait for charge!

Jane rehearsing her part in her tiny little baby brain.

Chaplain Glover playing a song for Jane on his guitar--it was very sweet

Our good friends the Jahn's came to support Jane.

Chaplain Glover and the family--Mike: the background is for you.

Jane wore a dress that was Anna's when she was a baby.
Yummy dinner with prunes with apples, Funny faces with puckers and squints!


Anna said...

Yay! I'm glad it worked out so well for you; that is awesome!

Amanda said...

I love that picture of her with her dad!! awesome!!

Your kids are so freakin cute!!

Helen said...

Congratulations Baby Jane! God Bless. :0)


Unknown said...

What a great day for the Russelburg clan to have 2 special girls baptized on the same day. Jane looked really sweet in her 'hand-me-down' dress from her mommy.