Monday, 3 November 2008

3 Nov -- Jane Eating (because that's always fun to see!) and Bathtime

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Nothing was accomplished, but sometimes you just need a weekend like that. We took the kids to church on Sunday morning to try to work on our church skills, but had to leave a little early due to Charlie's inability to adhere to the church guidelines of using a quiet whisper and staying in the pew (tips and suggestions welcome as there is no nursery during our service!). Jane is going to be baptized next Sunday and it is making us a little nervous for the ceremony. I just hope the commissary has enough fruit snacks and juice in stock for Charlie to either eat his way quietly through the service or possibly seal his mouth shut so that he doesn't disrupt it with his exuberant voice!

This picture is for my sister, Katie. While I definitely have more toys than I ever thought I would for my children, they still play with our pots and pans like I told her they would!

Eating some bananas

Bananas must be a little on the tart side?

Jane's munching on a graham cracker

She was definitely lovin' the grahams...

Rub a dub dink, Jane's washin' in the sink

Yummy washcloth, Mama

Sink bathtime, what a back saver from the tub!

All clean and lookin' purty

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Jessica said...

Anna Jane, I've got some cute bible file folder games that you can see if Charlie likes to play with during church. Other suggestions...I use one of those mini backpacks from Royal Bag for Kami's Church Bag and put *quiet* toys in there such as, a family picture album, crayons and coloring book/notebook (or those markers that only work on special paper), stuffed animal of her choice, snacks, etc. These things we only bring out when we go to church, so their not things he usually plays with during the week. Sort of think of it as trying to entertain a two-year-old on an want to introduce "new" things one at a time. Anyway, I'll bring those File Folders to BFSG on is this Friday, yes? If not, I'll just bring them where ever I go because I always seem to run into you anyway! :^)

Greg and Shara said...

She's so cute!! I love her little rolls; and I feel the same way about bananas!