Friday, 7 November 2008

8 Nov -- Jane's Baptism

This weekend is going to be full of fun and special activities for us. Tomorrow we are having Jane baptized at the 8:15AM Liturgical service and would love for our friends to attend the service if they are able to make it. Being far from our family makes our friends here all the more special and we're looking forward to sharing this moment with them. Coincidentally, our niece, Adley, will also be baptized this Sunday back home in Pennsylvania and we will be thinking of her and wishing we could be there for the ceremony.

Monday looks like a good day for a stop at good ol' Everland and Tuesday we are thinking we will venture out and find another Korean hot spot to visit (this time we will bring plenty of Won and a full tank of gas in our newly updated registered car. See our October 13th post of "Won, Don't Leave Home Without It" for more details)

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Such a sweet picture!