Tuesday, 11 November 2008

11 Nov -- Everland and Korean Independence Hall

Monday we headed to Everland for the morning. We had a blast (as always!) Charlie seems to enjoy the park more every time we go. We visited the animals and went on their safari bus ride to see the lions and tigers and bears (Oh, my!) Then we stopped for a picnic lunch. Afterwards Dan and Charlie went on some of the rides. Anna's stomach can't handle the incessant spinning that occurs on children's rides...
Tuesday we headed about an hour south of Osan to the Korean Independence Hall. It is a large park that has several buildings representing various aspects of Korea's struggle for independence and their oppression over the years. It was very well built and beautiful to walk around. Koreans really love their hills and every place you go, be it Everland or a national memorial, you are ensured a good workout. This must be how they all stay so slim.
Ummmm, Charlie didn't dig this ride too much...sorry, sweetie!

Charlie and Dan wave to the lions on our bus ride

This tiger was just hanging out on one of the adventure jeeps...the running engine must have been keeping his belly warm

Yummy PB&J sandwiches all around...Charlie was not thrilled to have his lunch interrupted for this picture, though

What did I tell you? Beautiful!!

Charlie kept saying "Wheeeeeeee" on this airplane ride

Charlie and Dan strike their super hero poses

Apparently Koreans find it funny to write "Wash Me" on dirty cars, too

Independence Hall

Peace, Dan

It was a fantastic fall day

Charlie was fascinated by the dozens of butterflies hanging out at these flowers...unfortunately so were about 10 dozen bees...we somehow avoided any stings, thankfully

Charlie found the park on the grounds

Self portrait, surprisingly everyone made it into the picture

Not really sure who this was, but he scared Charlie as you can see

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Anna said...

That guy in the last picture does look terrifying, kind of like the Korean Adolf Hitler.