Sunday, 27 September 2015

27 Sep --Lunch with the Kids, Star Party and Soccer Clinic

This was a busy week for us!  We had lots of soccer with a few other events thrown in to keep us on our toes.  Mom came to lunch for all 3 big kids and George joined Jane and Charlie's meals.  We were able to send pics back and forth to Daddy, which was entertaining to say the least!  On Friday we went to a Star Party that was held by the AFRC at Moody.  We went to the planetarium at Valdosta State University and the kids loved it!  After the show we went up to the top of the observatory and got a chance to look at the moon.  Even George behaved and had a great time.  Today Chevrolet and hosted a soccer clinic in Valdosta that was run by some professional soccer players.  Charlie found a friend in the Liverpool player when he showed up in his Liverpool jersey.  The kids had a blast and I was so excited to have found such a fun activity that they all could go and run around at.  

Aww, yeah, Icee time!

Arriving at the planetarium.  

Bring on the stars!

 We got together with some friends on Saturday morning at the local park and ruled that playground for a good hour.  There were a lot of boys in the crew.  12 boys and 2 girls.  Sorry Viv and Jane!

 Charlie and the Liverpool player :)

 Jane perfecting her between cartwheels.
The rain held off until the very end!

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