Thursday, 17 September 2015

7 Sep -- Uchee Creek Campground (Day 3)

On Monday we headed home with a stop at Providence Canyon State Park.  It's the "Grand Canyon of Georgia".  It reminded us of the slot canyons we explored on our trip to Utah a few years ago.  We hiked down into the canyon and found a few of the slots and then hiked up again and along the rim for a view over it.  It was pretty neat to find something like this in Georgia.  The kids loved trying to wedge themselves inside each of the slots, even George participated!

 Goodbye Uchee Creek Chalet!

 And we're off!

 George somehow felt the need to ride on the front of Anna.  Not quite the baby anymore, it made it tough to see the path in front of her!

 Photo by Charlie

 Charlie gets his selfie skills from Dan

 Along the creek/bed of the canyon

Plenty of space!

 Henry asked to take a picture of the way he wears his hat...

 the way Uncle Mike wears his hat

 And the way Uncle Nate wears his hat.

 There were all of these really old rusted out cars that were left here from a homestead that was here a long time ago.  It now supports the ecosystem of the park.

 Photo by Charlie 

 Always a happy sight of the Edgar kids, a playground!

 Anna's a sucker when it comes to carrying her matter how big they get.

 Last day of the pool!

 Thanks for the memories pool 

Jane got a hold of the camera...

And hilarity ensued...


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