Sunday, 11 October 2015

11 Oct -- Sickness and School Lunches

There's been a lot of illness going on here in Valdosta.  I thought we might dodge it, but we seem to have fallen victim to its coughs and colds and fevers as well.  So the last 10 days or so we've tried to lay as low as possible with our schedule.

The first patient was George with a fever.  Henry was so sweet and I caught him rubbing George's back and singing. 

George did not fully appreciate the gesture, as evidenced in the last second of this video 

Yup, this is us

This was a photo request by Henry with Rose.

We take lots of baths in this house when we're sick

Not sure why my baby camera took these pictures, but I kind of liked them.  This is our morning routine.  I come into Henry and Jane's room to wake them for school.  They're less likely to be grumpy when woken by Rosie.  

So after greeting Henry on the lower bunk...

I lift our 90 lb dog up to wake up Jane, who is not a morning person.  But she always has a smile for Rose.  I wish I could say the same for me when I don't let Rosie wake her, though!

School lunch and the Book Fair!

The neighborhood kids have been working on a fort in the back lots behind our house.  

There is a downside to working out in the woods, though.

Soccer practice for Henry and Jane

Our Daddy Dolls came in and they're amazing!

Lunch with Henry and Book Fair!

And last, but not least, Charlie's lunch and Book Fair!

Off to Urgent Care

Man, they can rock those masks!

Strep throat = Lollypop

Thought I was being helpful and letting Henry run the music on my phone.  He took 170+ pictures of himself and his legs during the 10 minutes.

 Off to the doctor for George this time!  This was Henry's "Dr Office box" that he insisted on bringing.  A thermometer, water bottle, copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rosie's dog tag and a Rubik's Cube

 More baths

 That's been George's face a good deal these last 10 days

 Flat Dan.  The best thing ever and the freakiest thing ever!  I kept startling myself so I had to put him in our linen closet until his next event.

 Yup, it just keeps going

 Out for some soccer time...

Back inside for some couch time.

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Mackenzie said...

I remember our "Flat Dan" when my husband deployed only they did from the waist up. I like how accurately tall they made him lol. The best part is using it as a a security feature or when you are feeling funny, put them in the passenger seat of the car and what people's reactions :D

I love the Daddy Dolls. We will need to do that this time around.