Saturday, 19 September 2015

19 Sep -- Kids Dig It in South Georgia

We went to the Kids Dig It in South Georgia event today and it was amazing.  Basically a little kids dream.  They got to climb on a gazillion tractors/trucks/vehicles and ride in a few and honk every. single. horn.  My ears are a little sore tonight, but the kids had a blast and I'm so glad they had this for   us to go to.  

 Taking Daddy to work.

 74th Flying Tigers!  Thunder!

 We got to the place early to avoid the crowds.

 Bob the Builder was interesting, but too big for anyone to want to take their picture with him

 We had gotten advice to head back to the riding tractors first before the lines built up and man, was that a great idea!  We basically walked right on to them.  George opted out of this ride, but the 3 big kids all got a turn.

 We ran into a lot of friends while we were there, which was fun to see.

 Then we waited a while to ride in the excavator.  Totally worth it, though.  All 4 kids did it and got to dig up dirt, swing around and I'm pretty sure George was trying to reach out and grab his brothers and sister at one point.  

 Charlie was a focused participant and was pretty sure the driver let him drop dirt from a height that no one had dropped from before :)

 There was a noise factor.

 I wasn't sure how George would do, but that boy just climbed right up and was ready to roll.  It helped watching the other three do it and then come back with lollypops in their hands.

 He was extremely serious about his job.  No time for smiles, Mom.

 Here's where he was out to get us.

 Found myself a new lawn crew.

 Charlie waited a while to ride in the crane, but he loved it.  He was a little sad that the guy wouldn't let him honk the horn, though.  He made up for it on every other tractor/truck he climbed into.

 They got to spin it all the way around.

 There was a lot of happiness going on at this place.

 George wanted in on the horn action.  Wow, those babies are loud.

 Nothing more fun (or potentially dangerous) than running on a truck bed with gaps and nails and chains on it.  The kids loved it!

 Dirt was a theme here.

Can you see the joy?

At this point I realized I was missing a child and we had to regroup until we were all back together.  After this we hit the aerial field to see huge model airplanes and drones, a cement truck with a killer horn, a police van, an armored truck, a fire truck and more.  Lowes had brought a ton of building kits for the kids to put together that we decided was better left to be done in the safety of our own home.  On the way out the kids got their hair colored with colorful hairspray.  A great day for everyone!

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