Tuesday, 24 December 2013

22 Dec -- Thunder Mountain/Chimney Rock Pass, Sedona, AZ

On our first full day we hiked 1.8 miles along Thunder Mountain Trail and the Chimney Rock Pass.  The views were incredible!

 ...but first, breakfast...

 ...and a quick game of War.

Henry rides again!

 Henry was quite the trooper.

 The Chimney Rock Pass was a bit steep at times.

 Time for some reflection.

 So...Anna and I took a photo of each other at the same time.  Here is Anna's pic of me...

 ...and here is Dan's pic of Anna.  The point = Sedona is beautiful no matter where you are looking!

 Remember: No hand gliders allowed.

 Just after getting through Chimney Rock Pass.

 Lunch = leftover pizza!

 Jane has the official color hair of Sedona.

 Henry working on his balance.

 Oh, Henry!


We then drove around for a bit until the road turned to dirt...and we quickly turned around.

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