Tuesday, 24 December 2013

21 Dec -- Solider Trail, Sedona, AZ

We enjoyed a nice drive as the snow and clouds faded away as we descended from Flagstaff (~7000') to Sedona (~4500').

 Still cloudy and just a bit of snow left.

 The snow is gone...

After checking in to our vacation rental, we hiked the Soldier Pass Trail.  It was a 5 minute drive from our place.  So much closer than the hikes we go on in Tucson!
 We hiked for 1.6 miles.  We really enjoyed all the trees (versus cactus) and the red dirt (versus sand/dirt).

Henry in front of Devil's Kitchen -- a huge sinkhole.

 The Seven Sacred Pools.

 "Now this tree will grow big and strong with this water."

 The Edgar-Supers!

What a cutie-pie!

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