Tuesday, 24 December 2013

20 Dec -- Polar Express, Williams, AZ

(Warning -- there are an insane number of photos on this post!)

We went to Williams in the evening to ride on the Polar Express.  This was for us (Dan and Anna) as it was for the kids!

 It was cold but luckily they had a nice fire to keep us warm while we waited for the train.

 The hobo!

 A different train went by right before the Polar Express pulled up...it was quite loud!

 Typical shenanigans with Henry.

 George cannot contain his excitement.

 The conductor came by to punch our tickets.

Charlie loves to photo-bomb.

 Santa's village!

 But where did Santa go?

 The train is confused...

 ...Santa is on the train!

 We sang Christmas carols until he got to our train car.

 ...five golden rings!

 Santa just entered our car!

 Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus...

 The first gift of Christmas!!

 You have how many kids?!

One exhausting day!

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