Tuesday, 24 December 2013

22 Dec -- Fay Canyon, Sedona, AZ

In the afternoon we hiked 1.6 miles at Fay Canyon.  We followed the main trail .6 miles and then took a side trail up a steep mountain side to a cool arch way.

 The kids played hide-and-go-seek along the trail.

 At the .6 mile point, we then hiked up to the arch way above -- it is where the shadow is at the center of the photo.

 It was pretty darn steep.

 Under the arch.

 Going down was a bit tough.

 The cactus made the narrow trail interesting.

 The kids loved following the dirt lines Dan put on the trail...I think Dan liked it a lot, too!

Maybe with these three videos, the stick/trail/insanity will make a bit more sense.

 Playing in the backyard at the house.

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