Monday, 8 October 2012

6 Oct -- Pinetop, Az: Day 8 -- Tonto Natural Bridge and Tonto National Monument

Boo...time to leave Pinetop.  On our drive home, we made two stops: Tonto Natural Bridge and Tonto National Monument.

 Our home for 7 nights--just half of the upstairs!

 First stop: Tonto Natural Bridge.  That wooden bridge below is the man-made bridge you cross to get into the natural bridge!

 This is the natural land bridge.

 It was quite the hike down from the top...but a lot more work getting back up.

 We didn't go too far inside the cave because the rocks were wet and quite slippery.

 Henry was determined to climb back up to the top on the way out.  He made it about half way up.

 Charlie took a quick snooze as he had run ahead.

 No time to waste!

 Stop two: Tonto National Monument.  We walked up from the road below.  It was, again, quite the hike.  You were rewarded with a great view of Roosevelt Lake and...

  ...of the Native American cliff dwellings.

 Charlie was again hard at work at another Junior Ranger Badge.

 Charlie even asked the Park Ranger a question--Anna could not have been more proud (me too!).

 Ahhh...the descent.

Time to go home.

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