Monday, 22 October 2012

20 Oct -- Jeepin' and Monster Mash at Collier Elementary

With Anna gone for 4 days, what do you do?  You DON'T stay in the house!

 First: a quick trip up Redington Pass.

 Somehow it almost looks kind of green along the flat land below.

Henry doesn't care for all the wind, but the goggles help.

 Second stop: McDonald Park.

 Henry hiding...if you don't move, Charlie can't see you.

Third Stop: Monster Mash Carnival at Collier Elementary.

 Henry LOVED the train ride.

 Jane spots the moon...always a big event of every day in the Edgar family.

Charlie asked for a mustache.

Jane asked for a tiara.

Henry asked for a rainbow, a dinosaur, a spider, a lizard...

The nice girl said, "How about a purple dinosaur?"  Yes!  Then Henry put his hand on her knee and threw his sly eyes at her..."How about a date?"  No.

Not yet (totally) defeated, Henry makes his final move on the cheerleader.

There was a trick or treat hallway.

The Beatles got back together for a couple songs.

Charlie does his best French-facial expression and yells: "Sacre bleu!  Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."  Henry took offense to this joke.

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