Sunday, 7 October 2012

3 Oct -- Pinetop, Az: Day 5

Another beautiful day of hiking in Pinetop!  Today we hiked to the Ice Cave -- 4 miles round-trip.


 Pre-hike photo.

 Scott Resevoir.

 Charlie and Jane put their water bottles on their sticks like hobos.

 The ice cave!  There isn't any ice in it--but it is cold in there.

 Charlie and Jane showed no fear of the darkness ahead.

 Time to get out of the cave.

 Anna rethinks our adventure into the blocked-off ice cave.

 Henry is still cold from the cave.

 Henry doesn't like for me to let go when I "throw" him in the air.

 After throwing the kids in the air, they liked to reenact it on the trail.

 We finally find the culprits for all the horse apples along the trail.

 In the afternoon, we walked along the Mogollon Rim Trail.  It was a one mile loop.  We played a lot of hide-and-go-seek along the trail.

 Where is Jane?

 I liked laying down while hiding with the kids.

 If only I wasn't wearing such a bright red shirt!

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