Sunday, 7 October 2012

1 Oct -- Pinetop, Az: Day 3

Another beautiful day in Pinetop spent hiking.  This time we hiked Spring Trail, No. 633.  It was a nice 3.6 mile hike along Billy Creek and Thompson Creek.

 Just because you are hiking doesn't mean you don't have to look your best!


 Trying to figure out which stick to carry next.

 Cool caterpillar hanging from the top stick.
 Fun with shadows--more later from the later in the day.

 Most of the trails we hiked were part of the White Mountain Trail System.  All of the trails were less than a five minute drive from our hotel.  There are great maps with info on the trails at the Pinetop-Lakeside Tracks website--

 We ate lunch beside the parking lot before heading back to the hotel for quiet time.

 In the afternoon we drove to Forestry Road 187 for Charlie and Jane to ride their bikes.  We went 2 miles.

Henry charging...

I wanted to see if our trailer/stroller would work on Charlie's bike--sure did!

 Take that Thailand!

Jane did great on her bike.

 More fun with shadows.

"I am a real American..."
 "...fight for the rights of every man..."  Hulk Hogan intro song from the 1980s.

Henry cleaning my hair like a good little monkey.
We made it!

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